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Charcoal Refrigerator Deodorizer lasts 4 months 300g

Charcoal Refrigerator Deodorizer

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Best Selling Refrigerator Deodorizer MADE IN JAPAN!

Keeps your food fresh and your refrigerator odor free. Top quality Bincho charcoal and activated carbon absorb even the most pungent odors leaving behind clean, fresh air. Enjoy long lasting fresh food and drinks with odor-free ice-cubes. No perfumes or caustic chemicals. These just cover up the odor.

How does it work?

Just peel of the foil and replace the top cap. When the charcoal gel is depleted it will shrink to about one tenth of its size or replace after 4 months. Having a somewhat clean refrigerator will defiantly extend the capabilities of this product.

NOTE: The diagram below is based on a generic container the process is the same.

Why is this better than baking soda?

No spilling or cleanup just throw it away. The gel does not leak or drain. In comparison, baking soda (which is the most popular alternative) is less effective because it only combats certain types of smells in the fridge: as a chemical compound, it changes the composition of acidic molecules it comes into contact with in the air. However, not all molecules that create those stinky smells in your fridge are acidic; additionally, the smell may be altered, but not necessarily filtered.

When Cook's Illustrated conducted a test between 1 cup of baking soda versus 1 cup of activated charcoal in a small fridge, the testers agreed that the charcoal was significantly more effective.

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