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Charcoal liquid deodorizer/air freshener (lasts 3 months)

Charcoal deodorizer

Our Price: $15.00

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Charcoal and camellia
Cigarette smoke neutralizer
Cigarette smoke neutralizer STRONG
Pet odor neutralizer GREEN TEA SCENT

The power of charcoal never fails. No harsh perfumes to cover up other odors. A light scent of Japanese camellia flowers will bring calm. This deodorizer is strong enough to handle a small locker room or an office bathroom yet perfect for home. Packed with liquid charcoal, it will last several months depending on the conditions. Specially formulated cigarette smoke and pet odor neutralizing versions are also available. 400ml of deodorizer with adjustable regulator. Easily remove the plastic packaging for a clean look.

Remove the packaging. Pop the plastic guard off. Unscrew the cap and pull up on the wick for the amount of desired deodorizing effect. Replace the gaurd.

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